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Soil regeneration collaborative research: Healthy soils, healthy communities: A project involving the Foodscape Collective network, supported by Aerthly with Potato Productions.

Soil Regeneration Project

The soil regeneration project is a project to seed new social-soil communities in urban centres. Soil is much more social than we think: the similarities between the microscopic community of soil offers a mirror to reflect on the inter-relations we have in our own human social communities. At the same time, the potential of soil to capture and store carbon in the ground deserves and demands urgent, immediate attention and knowledge formation from citizens globally.

This project builds up our capacity to make a more regenerative future with strong agroecological systems.

The project works to develop an evidence base for the benefits of soil restoration in cities - focusing on social and ecological impacts and implications for urban planning and development. It uses a community-led research process that develops research questions and methods with a target community. Prioritising co-learning and synchronised resonance within the community, the target community then works with a network of collaborating scientists, social scientists, artists and makers to collect and analyse a range of qualitative and quantitative material, interpreting its findings, and deciding how to disseminate them. The project is grounded in principles of action research and participatory process.

The pilot phase of this project is held in Singapore.




  • How do we make good soil to make tastier food?
  • How does healthy soil contribute to healthy communities
  • How can we do our part to remove carbon from the atmosphere, by increasing the amount of organic matter in soil?
  • What health costs have there been in conventional modes of agriculture?
  • What alternative agricultural practices can we use, that are easy to do in urban living, that go beyond simply reducing harm to people and planet, to rebuilding organic matter?


CRUMB is an action research outfit, a mobile basecamp for local and international scholars, researchers and practitioners. Its primary objective is to create tools and methods designed with particular communities, that disrupt status quo practices: conversation starters that change the field of play.

CRUMB convenes folks invested in the sustainability of food and farming in Singapore and the region.